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Thyroid is a small gland in the neck. It releases thyroid hormone into the blood which plays an integral role in various functions of the body. Thyroid cancer is a fairly rare cancer. Most of these cancers are diagnosed incidentally on ultrasound or FNAC. There are 3 main types of thyroid cancer i.e Differentiated Thyroid Cancers, Medullary Thyroid Cancers and Anaplastic Thyroid Cancers. They have an excellent prognosis if detected early and treated appropriately.

Risk factors:

  • Exposure to ionising radiation in childhood
  • Family history of thyroid cancer
  • Certain genetic syndromes eg MEN2, FMTC, Cowden
  • Women more likely to develop thyroid cancer. However the risk is equal in both sexes after the age of 50
  • Nodules with suspicious characteristics detected on ultrasound

How do you diagnose thyroid cancers?

  • Physical examination of the neck for any lumps or swelling
  • Ultrasound of neck
  • FNAC – investigation of choice
  • Thyroid function tests and tumor markers like Thyroglobulin and Calcitonin
  • CT scan

Treatment for thyroid cancers:

  • Surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for differentiated thyroid cancers
  • The extent of surgery i.e Hemithyroidectomy (removal of one lobe) or Total Thyroidectomy (removal of both lobes) is decided based on many factors
  • These surgeries have excellent cure rates with minimal side effects
  • Radioiodine treatment used post surgery in certain differentiated thyroid cancers
  • Radiation treatment is used in unresectable thyroid cancer

Heal Onco Care is dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and effective treatment of thyroid cancers. By providing this comprehensive guide, we aim to empower individuals to take proactive steps toward prevention, early detection, and timely treatment. Remember, knowledge is key in the fight against thyroid cancers. Stay informed, spread awareness, and let’s fights thyroid cancers together.